Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pre-baby--- Pre-semester

Last weekend Ben and I snuck away to California.
It was glorious.

We decided to go the weekend before, booked a hotel, bought too many snacks, and drove off.
It was a short but sweet trip.

We figured it would be our last trip alone before the baby comes in October.
And Ben starts a new semester of school in a few weeks.

We got there Friday evening and played all day Saturday.
We rode a ferry to Balboa Island where we ate lunch
Then we talked as we watched the pretty boats in the harbor

Then we went back to Newport beach and played

Ben convinced me to come into the cold cold water with the huge waves
and I got pummeled.

So we went back and laid on our towels to dry off in the sun.
I dug a hole under my part of the towel so I could lay on my stomach.
It felt so good.

We  took our time coming home the next day by driving down the coast and going through San Diego.
We made a few stops along the way.

The first was to a scenic spot where I fed the fat squirrels out of my hand.

Ben wanted to get closer to the water by the cliff so he made his own way down there.
Then he got scared by a large snake that didn't like him very much
So he came back

When we got back in the car we saw the sign that said this

Then we stopped in Carlsbad for some yummy danishes

And drove past the San Diego temple. 
It was Sunday so the temple grounds were closed

And made it home just barely in time for Sunday dinner.

The whole trip was short but so very very worth it.
We had a lot of fun.
Got a little sun burned.
And then came back home to reality.
Reality is not as fun as California.