Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Parenting Tips from TV

Ever watched Up All Night?
Its one of our favorite shows around here.
The clip on this episode below aired right before we had Hazel and we still quote it.

Well apparently Mr. PHD in peek-a-boo knew what he was talking about.
See for yourself

Anything we do to get Hazel to laugh can only be done one time.
Then it's old news and we have to get creative again.

Friday, January 13, 2012

3 Months

Hazel is 3 months old now and much prefers to do things like a big girl now.
If she's being held like a baby its because she's asleep or being put to sleep
other than that she needs to sit up and face outward to see the world.
She hates her car seat most of the time.
I have a theory though that if she was allowed to sit face forward, 
she would love it.

She's very noisy and good at talking and growling.
She only squeals at Ben.
Is starting to get a little shy in big crowds and around people she doesn't know.
She's an expert at smiling and we even got a laugh out of her the other night.
She hasn't laughed since.
LOVES getting her diaper changed on the diaper table.
Hazel could be sad, tired, hungry, or crying but put her on the changing table and something comes over her. She starts kicking her legs and going crazy.
(that's where we got her to laugh)

Hazel also started rolling over from her back to her front.
Did I mention that she doesn't really like being on her stomach very much?
She's doing better now that she gets there on her own but sometimes as soon as she turns over she just gets mad... its pretty funny