Monday, June 27, 2011

Things I didn't know...

About being pregnant...
and some I kind of knew

1.    Leg cramps.
What the heck is that about? 
A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst pain in my calf. The muscle was so tight and I wasn't even flexing. It hurt SO bad

2.    Heart burn.
Ok, I kind of knew about this one but I didn't even know what heart burn was until I got pregnant. It's a good things Tums taste like giant Smarties.

3.    Everyone LOVES giving pregnancy advice
I guess I should have known this one. People give you advice on what worked for them like all pregnancies are the same... Advice turns into stories about their own pregnancy... Stories turn into two people trying to one-up each other with their worst pregnancy stories... Then within a few minutes you're not even part of the conversation anymore, but you still feel like you have to stand there and listen cause you started the whole conversation just by being pregnant.

4.    People don't look you in the face anymore.
Most conversations I have now are 10% eye contact and 90% eye to belly contact. Its like they want to see if I've gotten any bigger within the time period of our conversation... or maybe they just want to make sure the bump is still there. I'm not really sure.

5.    Touch first... ask second
I've noticed a lot lately that people will touch my belly AND THEN ask if its ok that they touch it. I really don't mind much, just seems a little backwards.

6.    "You're getting so big!"
For most people, this phrase is thought to be a compliment to a pregnant person. What do I say to that? Thank you? I've also heard, "You look so pregnant today." Or, "Wow, you really grew over the weekend."
What is the proper response to things like that? Saying that you've gained weight to any other person would not be a compliment but with the right tone of voice, saying it to a pregnant person suddenly becomes alright. And really, I don't mind it when people say things like that. I've even had one girl at work tell me that she was glad that I finally didn't look like I just had a beer belly anymore... again, it was a compliment... I think.

And now for your viewing pleasure...
Here's a picture of me in the classic "I'm pregnant" pose
I'm 26 weeks along.
That's almost 6 months.
And I'm almost in my third trimester

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last night I played my last softball game for a very long time.
I'm 25 weeks  pregnant now (that's 5 1/2 months!).
Lots of people said I was crazy for playing this long and they might have been right.
I just wanted to play for as long as I could since I know it will be a long time until I'll be able to get back into it.

Last night was actually the first time that I didn't care to play very much.
I'm a lot slower now and trying to run fast is a lot harder carrying half of a little person.
Last week I got knocked over by a large cave women from another team and it was really scary... she was a big girl and did not slow down one bit as she bull dozed right through me.

I'm ok... no worries. The baby is still kicking strong.
I fell onto my back and the ogre did not fall on me.
So considering what happened, I guess I was pretty lucky.
Softball. This is not  "good-bye"
It's more of a "see you later"