Thursday, October 20, 2011

1 week

My baby is a week old as of yesterday.

As much as I want her to put on some chubs... I also just want her to stay this little forever.

Abbie and Jake also gave Hazel a cute cousin today.
Baby Mary was born this morning.
Hazel and Mary are only 8 days apart.
I think they'll be best friends.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hazel Fay Jones

Hazel finally made her worldly debut on Wednesday.
We are pretty much smitten by her.

She's 7lbs 4oz of squishy cuddly goodness

She loves to be held which is totally fine by me and everyone that comes to visit.
I think my mom has held her at least once a day.
Briley is a close second.
Ben can't pick her up without telling her how cute she is. 

Hazel's nurse fashioned her this beanie with a bow.
I had awesome nurses for labor and delivery which was nice since I had a long stay.
I'll have to tell the delivery story next.

We love you Hazel Fay.
We're glad you're finally here.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear baby,

Today is your due date. 
I've been looking forward to this exact date for many months now.
I'm feeling like you're getting pretty comfortable right where you are though.
I would really like to meet you very soon.

There's nothing to hold you back anymore.
Nana and Grampa are back from Boston.
Your crib is all set up.
Your new clothes are all washed.
You have plenty of diapers and wipes.
I shaved my legs and clipped my toenails today (that wasn't very easy to do)
The fridge has plenty of food.
My hospital bag is packed and ready.

I think it's time.
Your dad is getting very anxious.
Mable has been asking about you for weeks now.
Won't you come so I can finally see you?

We're ready.