Monday, July 23, 2012

Mazel and Hary

What's better than a squishy, squirmy, soapy baby in a bathtub?

2 squishy, squirmy, soapy babies!

One of these little girls had a diaper accident on Saturday while I was babysitting so we stripped down and had a bubble bath.

I thought Hazel was hard to keep up with in the tub but Mary was just as energetic.
Both of them thought standing sounded like a fun idea.

Then Ben was in charge of getting Hazel dressed and combed after tubby time.
I thought her hair turned out especially cute.

After the tub we had snack.
Hazel is big into sharing these days
(or at least pretending like she's going to share)

All in all we had a fun time Saturday.
I hope these girlies stay best friends.

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